RPG was officially born in 1983 after discovering a gap in the market for diffusive technology in acoustical designs by announcing a scientific approach to acoustical design using Reflective Phase Grating (RPG) diffusors. In addition to the manufacturing of diffusors, it was also clear that the architectural acoustic community was in need of education on how, when, where, and why to use diffusors and combining them with their absorptive counterparts. 


The mission of RPG Acoustical Systems, LLC is to combine discipline, quality, and precision in manufacturing to product superior solutions with high performance sound absorption and diffusion qualities. No other manufacturer of acoustical products has the acoustical knowledge, design patents, and performance-based standards available from RPG.


RPG products enhance a wide range of environments including entertainment, business, education, government, and worship sites. Our project list includes many highly regarded performing arts centers, music studios, museums, corporate offices, secondary and higher education facilities, and government buildings.

Our prestigious projects highlight the performance of RPG’s products and the trust that the architectural and acoustical communities have placed in them.Aftoffici