Research Report: Multi-Layer Absorber Panels vs. Fiberglass Panels

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Relying on traditional fiberglass panels doesn’t always result in the best sounding spaces. This idea is backed by rigorous research.

This week, we’re taking a look at a research report coming from the Chesapeake Acoustic Research Institute regarding multi-layer absorption products. Traditional fiberglass panels, made of 1” or 2” fiberglass wrapped in fabric, suffer from an undesirable amount of high-frequency absorption, leaving a room sounding “dead”. As a result, RPG Acoustical has developed two products with this in mind: the Broadsorbor and Modsorbor. Working with a multi-layer absorber offers the ability to specify the absorption coefficient for whatever specific need there may be. To read the full research report, take a look here.


Maximizing Low Frequency Control With Modex Products

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Utilizing the Modex line means proper treatment of low frequency acoustics. Photo Credit: Pelonis Sound and Acoustics

Most small rooms will have undesirable low frequency characteristics. When working with smaller room dimensions, , bass frequencies in the 20 Hz to 300 Hz range can be very problematic even rendering the room unusable for critical applications in studio production work and simply underwhelming  in listening rooms, home theaters and screening rooms. THis necessitated the need for extra attention to be paid in treating the acoustics of the room to maintain clear, quality bass frequencies. For premium treatment of low frequency acoustics, many look to RPG Acoustical’s line of Modex products to even out the room’s resonant modes and provide full, even bass response.


Conference Room Design With Acoustical Excellence in Mind

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Nailing the acoustics in a conference room’s design can make a huge difference for employees and guests.

When designing a conference room, it may seem easy to skip out on the details—after all, the space only gets utilized during meetings and it isn’t your everyday working space. In the modern work environment employees spend more time than ever in conference spaces, exchanging ideas or working with clients. The design of a functional conference room requires detailed consideration of lighting, technology, and acoustical needs. Cultivating an ideal experience for guests and employees alike is a necessity when considering conference room design.


Project Profile: Exquisite Taste With Nobu

Studio PCH Nobu DC 300x181

Featuring RPG’s Perfecto Micro Planks, Washington D.C.’s Nobu offers an exquisite dining atmosphere. Credit: Studio PCH.

Located in the heart of Washington D.C. and the West End, the area’s new Nobu restaurant aims to offer a completely unique experience for diners. The origins of Nobu go back to a passion for food between the acclaimed restaurant’s titular chef and actor Robert De Niro, now resulting in locations being opened worldwide, with over a dozen located in the United States. The upscale establishment is known for its Japanese fusion while setting a new standard for fine dining experiences, including its enjoyable acoustical design backed by excellent products from RPG Acoustical.


How Can the Clearsorber Foil System Enhance Both Lighting and Sound?

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No system accounts for both lighting and acoustical needs like the Clearsorber Foil does.

When we talk about expertly designed acoustical products, we tend not to consider the impact those products may have on the lighting of a space. After all, any design decision is a give-and-take, so sacrificing some elements of design, like an abundance of natural lighting, in order to achieve a rich acoustic environment. In a world of compromise, creating innovative new tools that serve a variety of purposes is highly valued over settling for traditional approaches. For architects, acoustical engineers, and end-users alike, the Clearsorber Foil system is designed to offer a unique solution to a problem that has plagued acoustical design for decades.


Project Profile: An Authentic Experience at the Portland Japanese Garden

Portland Japanese Gardens LC2 300x225

RPG’s products don’t just fit in with the aesthetics of the Portland Japanese Garden, they also offer functionality that helps the auditory experience just as serene as everything else.

Nestled in the urban hustle and bustle of Portland, Oregon, there sits an unexpected oasis: a Japanese garden, described by His Excellency Nubuo Matsunaga, the former Ambassador of Japan to the United States, as “the most beautiful and authentic Japanese garden in the world outside of Japan.” While the garden has been open since 1967, it wasn’t until recently that it underwent a huge expansion, adding a Village House, Garden House, and Tea House that all contain galleries, a library, a gift store, and a multipurpose room. Clad in RPG Perfecto Micro acoustical ceilings in horizontal sliced bamboo veneer, the Portland Japanese Garden has become an escape for residents and travelers alike to enjoy art, music and learning opportunities.


Project Profile: Fantastic Acoustical Design at the Carroll County Performing Arts Center

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Carroll County’s Performing Arts Center has been outfitted with RPG’s Modffusor as well as the Waveform Monoradial-W.

Carroll County’s Performing Arts Center, located in Carroll County, Georgia, offers an acoustically celebrated space that any serious performer would appreciate. The space offers the huge benefits of RPG’s Modffusor, a furniture grade natural wood sound diffuser that provides uniform mid and high frequency sound diffusion. Likewise, the Waveform Monoradial-W contributes to the clarity and intelligibility of speech and music. This 42,500 square foot facility offers a state-of-the-art, 1,100 seat auditorium, as well as meeting spaces for other uses. RPG Acoustical is  proud to have been part of this project and the development of this high quality performance space.


Acoustically Optimized Acoustic Wood Panels Offer Huge Benefits

Newseum Expo 300x199

The Expo Panel System is capable of offering a completely unique sound experience.

One of the more elegant approaches in architectural and acoustical design involves the application of sound absorptive, natural wood panels. When implemented properly the combination of natural wood and sound absorption will not only offer a significant improvement in the acoustics of a space but also the visual appeal of the chosen wood. Nonetheless, overuse of sound absorption in certain spaces can cause undesirable results, such as spaces dedicated for music and speech becoming overly “dead” sounding.  This is why RPG Acoustical Systems has developed the Expo™ Panel System—a decorative, natural looking wood panel that targets the most problematic frequencies while supporting the most important frequencies for music and speech communication—striding the line between absorption and reflection, offering a premium sound experience.


Diffusive Panels That Pack an Elegant Look

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The Overture VR is a fantastic option for performance spaces that need to change on the fly.

Good acoustical product design focuses on both aesthetics and performance. Otherwise, architects, installers, and end-users are left with an unfortunate compromise: sacrificing quality of usage for a better looking space or achieving superb acoustical performance at the cost of a less pleasing performance area. Even when a proper balance between elegant appearance and functionality is struck, performance halls and spaces still have a dire need for one more factor that is often ignored: adaptability. RPG Acoustical’s Overture VR, a mobile, collapsible diffusive surface, is meant to adapt to numerous needs without losing out on performance or appearance.


Excellent Lighting and Acoustics With a Unique Design

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The Clearsorber Panel offers a unique combination of flexible lighting applications combined with excellent acoustical control.

Architects have sought a solution to a unique issue for quite some time now: that is, controlling excessive, disruptive reverberation while still transmitting daylight or incorporating lighting effects. In some spaces, reducing the natural lighting is simply not an option. In response, RPG Acoustical has developed the Clearsorber Panel—a micro-slotted acoustical panel that is transparent, translucent or graphically printed. This provides consumers with a unique combination of control over their view and or lighting while also offering unparalleled reflection control. Providing architects and acoustical designers the tools they need to succeed in creating spaces that offer both excellent acoustics as well as lighting is just one aspect of RPG Acoustical’s thorough approach towards development of acoustical products.