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Clearsorber Foil is a Class A fire rated, micro-perforated acoustical system that provides significant sound absorption in the NRC frequency bands. Because the system does not require the added use of conventional sound absorptive materials, it has the unique ability of being able to provide either high transparency for natural day lighting or filtered light translucency to provide privacy or enhance lighting effects.


Clearsorber® Foil is available in a variety of transparent and translucent finishes. See some of the options displayed under the Finishes tab below.


Clearsorber Foil is best mounted under tension for clean lines and maximum transparency. The simplest and most cost effective tensioned mounting utilizes stainless steel grommets at each corner of the Foil panel which is captured by a spring and finally stretched to an attachment point. A hem bar mounting is also available and is recommended when longer spans are required. The system can also be mounted as a lapendary style system for a draping effect. See details below under the Drawings tab.

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Clearsorber Foil

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In many spaces, flat reflective surfaces can cause interfering reflections and excessive reverberation which can corrupt work environments, meeting and gathering areas, music quality and speech intelligibility to name a few. Traditional tools used to approach noise control, sound reflections and excess reverberation are opaque. Because of this, the architectural industry has long sought a light transmitting, sound absorbing finish to control reverberation in a room, while maintaining views or integrating lighting design. Clearsorber Foil is a patented, micro-perforated, Class A Fire Rated clear or translucent acoustical system that provides significant absorption. Simple and reliable methods of attachment for fixed or removable installation include the use of stand-off or tensioned hem bar systems for both wall and suspended ceiling mounting.


Clearsorber Foil is available as standard in Class A fire rated Teflon as well as transparent or translucent Polycarbonate film in 150-180 micron thickness. The system provides absorption through high viscous losses as air passes through the micro-perforations, which are comparable in diameter to the thickness of the air boundary layer. This inherent damping eliminates the need for fiberglass or other porous materials in the air cavity between the panel system and the reflective surface behind it.


The architectural industry has long sought a fiber-free, light transmitting surface to control excessive reverberation in rooms.


Clearsorber Foil is a patented, micro-perforated, clear or translucent acoustical film that provides significant absorption.


  • Offers light transmitting solutions with sound absorption for reverberation control.
  • Can be transparent or translucent.
  • All film systems are fiber-free.
  • Edges are clean with non-perforated borders.
  • Systems are lightweight and easy to install with included hardware.
  • Systems available in Class A Fire Rated Teflon and Polycarbonate.
  • System dimensions can be customized to the project.

Material is available in transparent and semitransparent coloration. Please direct all sample inquiries to