Clearsorber Panel

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Clearsorber Panel is a patent pending micro-slotted, resin panel acoustical system that has been designed to absorb sound in the mid-range (speech) frequencies. It can be configured to achieve sound absorption in high and low frequency ranges as well. As a 100% fiber-free product, it can address high humidity and wet environments without concern over air quality. The Clearsorber Panel brings together high transparency for clear viewing or natural day lighting with acoustical performance. Translucent options can provide privacy or enhance lighting effects, and second surface high definition digital printing can provide photo quality imagery.


Clearsorber Panels are available in matte, high gloss and textured surfaces and from clear to translucent and opaque finishes. There are a variety of micro-slit patterns to choose from, custom patterns can be designed.


Clearsorber Panels are best mounted using standoffs, tensioned cable systems or integrated directly into an existing mullion. Several different options are available for each mounting type.

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Clearsorber Panel

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In many spaces, flat reflective surfaces can cause interfering reflections and excessive reverberation which can corrupt work environments, meeting and gathering areas, music quality and speech intelligibility to name a few. Traditional tools used to approach noise control, sound reflections and excess reverberation are opaque. Because of this, the architectural industry has long sought a light transmitting, sound absorbing finish to control reverberation in a room, while maintaining views or integrating lighting design. Clearsorber Foil is a micro-slotted, clear or translucent acoustical system that provides significant absorption. Easy mounting via a standoff system allows for a variety of mounting options, each producing unique acoustical performance qualities.



The architectural industry has long sought a fiber-free, light transmitting surface to control excessive reverberation in rooms.


Clearsorber Panel is a micro-slotted, clear or translucent acoustical panel that provides significant absorption.


  • Offers light transmitting solutions with sound absorption for reverberation control in a variety of frequency bands dependent on mounting configuration.
  • Can be transparent, translucent, in a variety of colors or printed with photo quality graphics
  • All panel systems are fiber-free.
  • Edges are clean with non-perforated borders.
  • System dimensions can be customized to the project, with a maximum of 20 square feet per panel.


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