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Getting Started

Have any additional questions about an RPG product? Want product recommendations? Ready to kick off your next project?

Contact your Local Sales Representative to get started.

While RPG's experienced direct and independent sales representatives are available and prepared to assist with projects in any phase of construction, the earlier in the process, the better and most effective. Please have formal construction documents in order so our RPG Representatives can work with you to provide the most accurate products and installment requirements.

RPG provides project estimating services on any project where RPG acoustical materials and/or products are specified or required. To do so, formal construction or architectural documents as well as Division 6 and/or Division 9 specifications are required in order to provide a responsible and complete estimate.

Order Confirmation

RPG will send out an order acknowledgement to the account and contacts listed on the signed estimate within 24 hours and begin the process of assigning a dedicated Project Manager who will be responsible for processing your order from this point forward. A meeting will then be scheduled between the RPG Project Manager, Sales Representative, and the customer to review the final process and set expectations.

RPG's lead times can vary depending on the size, complexity, product types, construction schedules, and back log. We are constantly working to acquire the materials necessary to manufacture our products and work with support vendors on a regular basis to meet the delivery demands of the marketplace.

Warranty Information

All RPG products come with a minimum 1-Year Limited Warranty. This warranty period will begin on the date of product delivery. Upon receipt of product, the client must inform RPG in writing of any damages or defects without delay.If you believe there is a defect in your product and want to make a claim under warranty, please notify, in writing, the reseller who sold you the material. If unable to contact your reseller, or if you notified your reseller of a defect and have not received satisfaction, please write to us:

RPG Acoustical Systems, LLC
99 South St.
Passaic, NJ 07055


All warranty requests must be accompanied by the appropriate documentation which would include:

Date of receipt of materials
Length of time in, temperature and humidity of storage environment
Date of installation
Date of installation completion


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