FlutterFree T



FlutterFree-T is an attractive, furniture grade acoustical wood plank designed for mid-high frequency sound diffusion. To achieve mid-band diffusion, RPG optimized an asymmetric well structure to reduce periodicity effects when installed properly.


FlutterFree-T is available in hardwoods, softwoods and painted finishes. RPG offers factory color matching on both wood finishes and paint colors. See some of the options displayed under the Finishes tab below.


FlutterFree-T is best mounted perpendicular to wood battens for wall or ceiling mounting. Batten spacing should be no more than 16″ on center. The mounting can be configured to integrate both mid and low frequency absorption to further enhance the acoustical attributes for more demanding applications. See details below under the Drawings tab.

Flutterfree is a Registered Trademark of RPG Acoustical Systems LLC

FlutterFree-T 1D Optimized Wood Sound Diffusing Plank

FlutterFreeT Features FLFT

The phase grating surface of the FlutterFree-T is designed to provide maximum uniformity for the ambient sound field through high frequency diffusion while the solid wood construction of the unit limits the amount of sound energy that is removed by absorption. The computer optimized, asymmetric pattern of wells provides the basis for being able to optimize an array of planks in an aperiodic fashion, which provides the best performance available today. In addition, the “T” well innovation at each plank junction offers lower frequency diffusion performance than is otherwise possible in such a shallow depth. Its durability and broad selection of finishes make it a logical choice for worship spaces, recording studios, music education facilities, auditoriums and performing arts facilities. FlutterFree® is available in a wide variety of finishes, including natural hard and soft woods, stains and painted finishes to match any manufacturer color code. It can be mounted to virtually any surface and can be configured to offer low frequency absorption.


Interfering reflections that degrade sound quality can be controlled by absorption and/or diffusion. When absorption alone is used to control reflections it creates “dead” sounding spaces that lack the benefit of late order reflections which can greatly enhance the acoustic performance of a space.


FlutterFreeT Features SKEWED
FlutterFree-T is the first computer optimized sound diffusing plank in the world that supports the advanced concept of optimally modulating aperiodic, asymmetric shapes for the best performance possible. Rather than remove the energy that strikes key surfaces in a space, FlutterFree-T preserves the energy by uniformly distributing the energy back into the space. The onset of significant diffusion for FlutterFree-T occurs at approximately 2000 Hz.


  • Offers high frequency sound diffusion in a decorative, solid wood plank.
  • Comes in a variety of finishes, including natural hard and soft woods, stains and custom paint colors.
  • Comes standard 1-1/16″ depth, 4-15/16″ width and up to 12′ in length.
  • Simple installation direct to wall surface or on furring strips for required cavity for low frequency Helmholtz absorption mounting or mid frequency slotted plank mounting.

RPG Wood Products can be manufactured to match most commercially available and custom hard and soft woods.

Common Wood Species

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Stocked product samples are typically manufactured using common wood species – no products are available at any one time in all of the above species. Please check with your local rep or contact RPG.