RPG Dado custom wall units

Made in USA


Craftsmanship meets acoustics for breathtaking, custom wood solutions.


Made in USA


Suspended, accessible ceilings have never looked, or sounded, so good.


Made in USA


Performance optimized wood surfaces bring warmth with world class acoustics.


Made in USA


Optimized GRG surfaces bring together unique forms with world class acoustics.


Made in USA


Leading edge products deliver the performance that entertainment and technology developers rely on.


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RPG offers the most versatile natural wood acoustical wall panel and suspended acoustical ceiling systems available today.

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Beyond environmental factors there are also more personal aspects of how natural lighting affects the human spirit and enhances our quality of life.

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Harmony has been defined a number of ways; generally, it is considered to be a pleasing arrangement of parts whether referring to music, poetry or color.

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When durability is paramount, there is no stronger or more reliable acoustical surface than stone.

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As a culture, we have developed both a strong graphic language and an ever increasing sensitivity to the environments that we build around us.

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Where form and function collide, engineered shapes can enhance the visual appeal of any acoustical design while offering the powerful functionality and envelopment of a sound diffuser.

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About Us

RPG’s mission is to continually expand the palette of tools available through a commitment to fundamental research in acoustics. RPG’s staff, consisting of architects, acousticians and engineers, has allowed RPG to grow into a truly unique and innovative company recognized worldwide as a leading manufacturer of acoustical products.

RPG’s client list is a veritable Who’s Who of the entertainment, educational, government and worship community’s most prestigious facilities: performance halls such as Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center; studios for Peter Gabriel, Whitney Houston and Reba McIntyre; museums such as the National Museum of the American Indian and American Visionary Arts Museum; media giants Sony and Apple; universities such as Princeton and Columbia; music schools including The Berklee School of Music, Juilliard and The Peabody Conservatory; government facilities including the Marine Band Barracks and the Naval Academy; worship facilities worldwide including the 9000 seat Southeast Christian Church and Crossroads Community Church. These prestigious projects demonstrate the acoustic performance of RPG’s products and reward the trust that the architectural and acoustical communities have placed in us.