Omniffusor FRG

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The Omniffusor-FRG has become a classic shape in architectural acoustics, from its birth in 1990 it can be found in churches, schools, theaters and studios all over the world. The surface of the Omniffusor-FRG is designed to provide a more uniform sound field through mid and high frequency diffusion while the hard, FRG construction of the unit limits the amount of sound energy that is removed by absorption.


The Omniffusor-FRG is readily available in a standard white, textured finish. Units can be color matched to any paint color specification. See some of the options displayed under the Finishes tab below.


The Omniffusor-FRG is designed to drop into a standard T-Bar grid. It can also be flush mounted to a wall or ceiling with appropriate blocking. See details below under the Drawings tab.

Omniffusor is a Trademark of RPG Acoustical Systems LLC

Omniffusor FRG

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Diffusive ceiling and walls are one of the most effective walls to simultaneously control room reflections and provide a natural ambiance. Since ceiling systems and wall applications often cover appreciable surface areas, a cost-effective 2D diffusor is required. To meet these needs and life safety fire codes, RPG developed the first non-combustible Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (FRG) modular 2D diffusor that tegularly mounts in a standard T-bar system. The FRG Omniffusor uniformly scatters sound arriving from any direction into many directions, providing ideal distribution and coverage. Its unique shape also adds to the visual interest of a bas-relief sculpture.






An “acoustical ceiling” has come to mean absorptive mineral or fiberglass tiles. These absorptive ceilings are now incorrectly used in spaces where music is to be enjoyed or speech is to be understood. The industry needed an appropriate sound diffusing tile for these applications.


The RPG Omniffusor is the first cost-effective, non-combustible, molded Fiber Reinforced Gypsum 2D QRD sound diffusor. It offers twice the reflection attenuation of the 1D QRD, because it scatters sound uniformly into a hemisphere. The FRG Omniffusor provides uniform, omnidirectional, broad bandwidth diffusion in an attractive ceiling or wall design element.


  • 2D RQD reflection phase grating.
  • Uniform hemispherical scattering for all angles of incidence.
  • Simultaneously offers diffusion and moderate mid band absorption when fabric covered.
  • Non-combustable FRG.
  • Available in 2′ x 2′ panels.

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