Project File: Rochester Institute of Technology’s MAGIC Spell Studios

Magic Spell
RPG Acoustical is proud to have been part of the Rochester Institute of Technology’s new MAGIC Spell Studios.

Located in Upstate New York, Rochester Institute of Technology is rapidly becoming a leader in digital media education. With the growing demand for state of the art technology, it was required that the Institute upgrade its facilities to provide the highest quality resources for students. RIT employed the services of architect SWBR as well as acoustical consultant Dennis Janson Design to envision and bring to life the brand new MAGIC Spell studios. As a state of the art facility to match any digital media needs, the studio focuses on a number of disciplines including film, animation, graphic design, virtual reality, and gaming. Let’s take a quick look at what the project was and what RPG products were implemented into the design.

The Project

The new facility is designed to host a range of audio and visual media situations, so a wide variety of equipment and functional spaces is a top priority. MAGIC Spell Studios is outfitted with a sound stage, a tiered theater with a projection booth and high-quality audiovisual systems, sound mixing and color correction spaces, and multiple production labs that are designed to facilitate programs from a number of different Rochester Institute of Technology’s schools such as the School of Film and Animation and the School of Interactive Games and Media.

RPG’s Involvement

Three RPG products were used in the design of MAGIC Spell Studios: the Omniffusor FRG, the Expo Code Panel system, and Perfecto Micro Panels. The Omniffusor FRG is considered a classic in architectural acoustics and creates a uniform sound field through mid and high-frequency diffusion without removing desirable sound energy. The Expo Code Panels, in a white maple finish, provide an effective acoustically optimized perforation pattern, intended to eliminate lobing effects and create balanced sound absorption, all contained within an attractive paneling system. Finally, the Perfecto Micro Panels utilize hundreds of thousands of micro-perforations to help maintain the ambiance of a space and offer up excellent acoustical performance, all packed into an aesthetically pleasing package with the same white maple finish as the Expo Panels.

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