Project Profile: Erie Community College’s State of the Art STEM Building

Erie Community College
Erie Community College has a new STEM building equipped with customized Clearsorber Panels, which are both visually appealing and functional.

Erie Community College, located in upstate New York, is one of the many schools within the reputable State University of New York (SUNY) system. While the institution has long been known for its fantastic academics, the campus itself had less of a shining reputation—that is, until they opened up their state of the art STEM building equipped with all the facilities such an educational powerhouse needs. As part of an overall effort to modernize the school, Erie Community College’s STEM building is a fantastic step in giving students the facilities they need to obtain a world-class education and RPG is proud to have been part of the endeavor.

Adapting to New Needs

While Erie Community’s long history has allowed them to develop their reputation and hone their skills as educators, it also means that some older facilities are no longer adequate to meet the school’s growing needs. Not only does the space prioritize science, technology, engineering, and math as disciplines, but it also offers students a much-needed space to study on campus. That paired with its spacious laboratories and upgraded equipment have allowed the college to expand its coursework, offering classes that had not previously been possible. The ECC administration hopes the building will be the first step of many in reinvigorating what facilities are available to students.

RPG’s Contribution

Notice the customized high definition graphics.

In an effort to include materials that are both functional and visually attractive, the design team chose to use RPG’s Clearsorber Panels. True to our commitment to customization and unique design, RPG produced the panels with high definition graphics selected by the design team to reflect the motif of the building – science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The micro-slotted panels provide mid-frequency absorption which will help reduce problematic noise in this large space.

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