Project Profile: Tivoli Avenue Theater in Sydney, Australia

Tivoli Ave Theater 1
Take a look at this stunning theater in Sydney, Australia known as the Tivoli Avenue Theater.

Tivoli Avenue Theater in Sydney, Australia is a stunning private residential theater. The space takes advantage of three RPG Acoustical products: our slotted Modffractal diffusers in a Mahogany finish, the solid Mahogany FlutterFree-W, and Expo Panels in a colored lacquer finish. These technologies work together to create an ideal, premium theater experience that simply can’t be beaten. Let’s break down some more information on how the theater benefits from RPG-engineered products and what makes them so unique.

Designed by Ian McGrath

The design engineer, Ian McGrath, had this to say about the project:

“I had the Australian Dolby Atmos consultant in to do the final testing and Eq of the system with his measuring equipment.

He was impressed and had only to make very minor adjustments mostly being screen loss adjustments for the Horn loaded Kriks cinema speakers fitted in a baffle wall behind a perforated screen.

We are able to generate 20Hz within the room and it shows in the depth and tightness of the sub-bass information (two 18” Sub cabs) whilst the dialogue and peripheral details effects tracks stay energized within the room.

Suffice to say the RPG products integrated within the room performed as per expected and the overwhelming response of first-time listeners to this cinema experiences is stunning and certainly not in small measure being the presence of the fitted RPG arrays in the wall systems within this Cinema.”

Slotted Modffractals

Located on the rear wall, Modffractals are the most advanced aperiodic sequencing of asymmetrical shape acoustical products on the market. What this essentially entails is that the unit provides full-spectrum sound diffusion out of a single product. The Modffractal is a next-generation product, comprised of nested diffusers that each cover a specific frequency range, offering all the coverage needed in a single product with a beautiful Mahogany finish.


The curved design of the space offers unique opportunities.

The theater includes curved sidewalls in order to take full advantage of the FlutterFree-W, an acoustic wood plank that adds high-frequency sound diffusion. In fact, it works so well with this space because it’s the first of its kind—the first sound diffusing plank that can actually follow curved surfaces. It’s designed to preserve energy by distributing it back into the space to ensure that none of the beneficial high-frequency sound energy is not lost to traditional, strictly absorptive acoustical treatments.

Expo Panels

The Expo Panels are a system that takes advantage of optimal binary patterns via perforations. This creates an ideal balance of sound absorption across the NRC frequency bands, all while keeping the ambiance of the space intact. Expo Panels are also designed to eliminate lobing effects, offering a premium acoustic experience that you would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Sounding Great With RPG Acoustical Systems, LLC.

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