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A Uniquely Organic Shape With the Waveform Bicubic Diffuser

Bicubic 6 rend 300x236

The Waveform Bicubic is a unique diffuser that is customizable and suitable for many applications.

Your first mental image of an auditorium, whether intended for musical performance or speech, likely includes the image of high ceilings. There are a number of reasons pertaining to logistics, performance, and sound quality that necessitate high ceilings (large room volume)—but that brings along with it issues that must be addressed. Untreated high ceilings lead to high reverberation times and audible echoes that degrade the acoustical performance of the space, whereas simple treatments utilizing absorption remove too much of the sound energy and which leads to a space that does not support the intended use. That’s where the Waveform Bicubic comes in: a diffuser capable of being arrayed to increase speech intelligibility and enhance musical clarity.