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Taking a Look at Pro Audio Now

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Pro Audio Now utilized RPG’s Expo Panels in a recent project.

RPG Acoustical works with a number of sales firms to make sure that our products end up in the hands of knowledgeable customers. Pro Audio Now, representing New York City, northern New Jersey, and southern Connecticut, is one of many excellent companies with whom RPG collaborates. The firm works closely alongside architects and acoustical designers to ensure that the end-user is getting the highest quality products fit for the project at hand. To get in touch with Pro Audio Now, contact Wayne Dolnick, president of Pro Audio Now, at, use their general contact at, or contact their admin support at We would also like to highlight a recently completed project that RPG and Pro Audio Now lent their expertise to.


Acoustically Optimized Acoustic Wood Panels Offer Huge Benefits

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The Expo Panel System is capable of offering a completely unique sound experience.

One of the more elegant approaches in architectural and acoustical design involves the application of sound absorptive, natural wood panels. When implemented properly the combination of natural wood and sound absorption will not only offer a significant improvement in the acoustics of a space but also the visual appeal of the chosen wood. Nonetheless, overuse of sound absorption in certain spaces can cause undesirable results, such as spaces dedicated for music and speech becoming overly “dead” sounding.  This is why RPG Acoustical Systems has developed the Expo™ Panel System—a decorative, natural looking wood panel that targets the most problematic frequencies while supporting the most important frequencies for music and speech communication—striding the line between absorption and reflection, offering a premium sound experience.