Powered by research and driven by manufacturing discipline

RPG delivers proven superior acoustic solutions for projects of every scale.

RPG Acoustical Systems, LLC

Powered by research and driven by manufacturing discipline, RPG provides proven superior acoustic solutions for projects of every scale.

Acoustical Consultants, Architects, Designers, & Owners

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Contractors & Installers

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Perfecto Micro sound absorbing veneered wood panel by RPG.

MICRO-Perforated Wood Solutions

Elegantly engineered, micro-perforated architectural panels, planks, baffles, clouds, and custom assembles. Perfecto® !

Wood Diffusion Solutions

RPG stands alone with its breadth of tested, proven sound diffuser designs in natural wood, furniture-grade lacquer and plastic laminate finishes. For beauty and performance, look no further.

Wood Diffusion Solutions
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Perforated Absorptive Wood Solutions with Visible Patterns

Regardless of the acoustical requirement your project demands, RPG can match a wide variety of visible pattern options to meet and exceed those requirements in matched veneers and colors.

GFRG Sound Diffusion Solutions

Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG) is an inert, non-combustible material – smooth and rigid with good surface mass for diffusion. An economical and versatile solution for many types of performance projects.

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Enhanced Absorptive Fabric Panel Solutions

RPG offers acoustically enhanced fabric panel solutions to address the wide range of needs that different types of spaces have – the most economical way to get to that ‘next level’ design.

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About RPG Acoustical Systems, LLC

RPG combines discipline, quality, and precision in manufacturing to produce superior solutions with high-performance sound absorption and diffusion qualities. No other manufacturer of acoustical products has the acoustical knowledge, design patents, and performance-based standards available from RPG.