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RPG Acoustical Systems, LLC is a progressive next generation acoustical products manufacturer with operations and offices in Passaic, New Jersey.  With a footprint of over 90,000 square feet, the recently renovated factory headquarters building is situated about fifteen miles west of New York City. It houses state of the art computerized production and finishing equipment and a new acoustical testing laboratory – The Dr. Peter D’Antonio Acoustical Research Center.  RPG Acoustical Systems is a global leader in the production of high quality performance based acoustical products.






Proof Of Performance

RPG’s in house Acoustical Research Center, The ARC, is currently nearing completion.  The ARC will be one of the largest reverberation chambers in North America. The center will house RPG’s goniometer array for ISO diffusion testing and one of the only deep bass impedance tubes in the world (measuring in at 22’ long, weighing 7-tons and capable of testing down to 20Hz, the threshold of hearing). The ARC will be an independently certified ISO acoustical test facility.


The RPG Backstory

RPG Diffusor Systems, Inc., a predecessor company founded in 1983 by Dr. Peter D’Antonio, closed its doors in 2017 and no longer operates.  From its launch in 1984 and throughout its history, RPG Diffusor Systems led the industry in diffusion research, engineering and design.  That company established RPG products as a cornerstone of the entertainment industry – pushing the evolution of the designs you see today for performing arts, worship, cinema, recording and broadcast facilities. RPG Acoustical Systems is carrying forward and advancing the tradition of innovative work in the field of acoustical design and production.


Dr. Peter D’Antonio

As Director of Research for RPG Acoustical Systems, LLC, Dr. D’Antonio provides critical leadership to our product development team and the acoustical industry at large through his research, mentoring of students and drive to develop and enhance testing standards and the performance of RPG’s products.


Woodworking Expertise

Manufacturing operations for RPG Acoustical Systems, LLC are shared with its affiliate, Patella Woodworking.  Patella is a leading producer of AWI premium grade custom architectural woodworking.  Patella combines old world craftsmanship with modern management techniques and technology to create a total quality environment and some of the most beautiful woodwork in the world.  Patella’s management expertise and resources provide the backbone for the manufacturing of RPG’s product line.