Harmonix K

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The Harmonix-K represents the evolution in architectural acoustics toward quantifiable, organic shapes. The surface of the Harmonix-K is designed to provide a more uniform sound field through mid and high frequency diffusion while the flexible, thermoformed construction of the unit offers added low frequency absorption via membrane resonance at the face.


The Harmonix-K is readily available in a standard white, slightly textured, satin finish. Please see the TPS Color Palette under the Technical Data tab below for color options.


The Harmonix-K is designed to drop into a standard T-Bar grid. It can also be flush mounted to a wall or ceiling with appropriate blocking. See details below under the Drawings tab.

Harmonix is a Trademark of RPG Acoustical Systems LLC

Harmonix K

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RPG utilized its patented Shape Optimizer and aperiodic modulation technology to develop the Harmonix K, an interesting and modern contoured surface that has the appearance of a bas relief sculpture. The center of each panel is asymmetric, however, the sides are identical. Therefore this unique acoustically optimized asymmetrical shape offers the opportunity to create an unlimited range of surfaces, determined only be the orientation of adjacent panels. The Harmonix K is thermoformed from Class A plastic for safety and economy and designed to simultaneously provide optimal coverage and low frequency absorption. This offers clarity, due to control of low frequency reverberation and uniform coverage, due to optimal diffusion and lack of periodicity effects.






An “acoustic ceiling” has come to mean absorptive mineral or fiberglass tiles. Exclusive use of only mid-high frequency absorption in the ceiling cannot optimize the acoustics of spaces where music is to be enjoyed or speech is to be understood. The industry needed a complementary sound diffusing tile for these applications.


The Harmonix K is the first cost-effective, Class A, molded 2D sound diffusor that simultaneously offers uniform mid-high sound diffusion and optimal low frequency absorption to control problematic low frequency reverberation and provide uniform coverage.


  • Acoustically optimized shape.
  • Unique asymmetrical core with identical sides.
  • Seamless tiling in any orientation.
  • Fire rated
  • Diaphragmatic low frequency absorber.


TPS Color Palette


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