Acoustically Optimized Acoustic Wood Panels Offer Huge Benefits

Expo Panel System
The Expo Panel System is capable of offering a completely unique sound experience.

One of the more elegant approaches in architectural and acoustical design involves the application of sound absorptive, natural wood panels. When implemented properly the combination of natural wood and sound absorption will not only offer a significant improvement in the acoustics of a space but also the visual appeal of the chosen wood. Nonetheless, overuse of sound absorption in certain spaces can cause undesirable results, such as spaces dedicated for music and speech becoming overly “dead” sounding.  This is why RPG Acoustical Systems has developed the Expo™ Panel System—a decorative, natural looking wood panel that targets the most problematic frequencies while supporting the most important frequencies for music and speech communication—striding the line between absorption and reflection, offering a premium sound experience.

How Does it Work?

The Expo Panel System consists of panels that are 3/4“ thick that are perforated following an optimal binary sequence that determines where holes are and where they are not.  This scientifically proven approach eliminates the possibility of absorbing excessive high frequencies while preventing lobing effects that are common among many uniformly perforated surfaces. At the same time, the system targets mid and low frequency absorption to solve the problem of reverberation time, flutter-echo, ‘boominess’ and loudness. The Expo Panel System is able to offer an excellent balance of absorption and reflection that is completely unique. The acoustically optimized perforation pattern is an ideal solution for anyone looking to optimize the acoustical performance in performance, rehearsal and communication environments.

An Array of Benefits

RPG’s Expo Panel System promotes a natural acoustic environment but there are a whole host of other reasons that make it stand out from the pack of wood panels. The panels are available in a range of customized sizes, any commercially available wood veneer, plastic laminate, and in custom paint color. Both wall mounting and suspended ceiling mounting are easy options to give you the maximum control over the acoustics of your space. Additionally, every component of the panel is Class A fire rated, a necessary attribute to meet fire codes from coast to coast.  

Sounding Great With RPG Acoustical Systems, LLC.

For whatever your acoustical design needs, RPG Acoustical Systems, LLC. is here to provide you with products that are customized to your needs, high-quality designs that are backed by science and extensive research, and excellent customer service to help ensure you get what you need. If you have questions, take a moment to check out our contact page or reach out to us via phone at (973) 916-1166.

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