Architecture Meets Ideal Acoustical Performance With the Perfecto 16/16/8

Perfecto 16-16-8
The Perfecto 16/16/8 panel offers acoustical designers an opportunity to work with an aesthetically pleasing product.

Finding the right balance between acoustical performance and architectural aesthetics is often a challenge. However, the Perfecto 16/16/8 panel is a powerful acoustical tool that can help designers overcome this obstacle. This product utilizes large, visible perforations to absorb mid frequency sound while still retaining much of the higher frequencies. In addition, with a little added acoustical backing, it exhibits superior ability to attenuate low frequencies. Where many absorptive products lack the aesthetic quality of natural wood, RPG’s Perfecto line delivers.

Why Perfecto?

Available in fully customizable panels, the Perfecto 16/16/8 panel is ideal for many different space designs. The unit is available in a number of finishes: laminate, paint, or any available wood veneer. RPG offers mounting options for both t-bar ceiling applications and clip or direct mounted wall installation. The panels are also Class A fire rated, capable of achieving up to an NRC=1.00, and are both ULEF and FSC certified.

Backed by Research

This study conducted by Dr. Peter D’Antonio, RPG’s Director of Research, has shown that the Perfecto 16/16/8 panel is optimal for eliminating disruptive mid frequencies without causing detrimental reduction of higher frequencies that should be kept intact. By taking advantage of extensive research, RPG Acoustical Systems is able to use custom millwork panel fabrication to make a wood panel that meets the highest performance criteria without sacrificing aesthetic design.

Sounding Great With RPG Acoustical Systems, LLC.

For whatever your acoustical design needs, RPG Acoustical Systems, LLC. is here to provide you with products that are customized to your needs, high-quality designs that are backed by science and extensive research, and excellent customer service to help ensure you get what you need. If you have questions, take a moment to check out our contact page or reach out to us via phone at (973) 916-1166.

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