Celebrating Dr. Peter D’Antonio: Recipient of the Wallace Clement Sabine Medal


We are thrilled to share the news that our very own Dr. Peter D’Antonio has been awarded the Wallace Clement Sabine Medal by the Acoustical Society of America. This honor is in recognition of his significant contributions to the theory, design, and application of acoustic diffusers.

Dr. D’Antonio’s journey in acoustics is as rich and diverse as the soundscapes he has enhanced throughout his career. From his early days inspired by the music of big bands to his innovative contributions to architectural acoustics, his work has been a blend of art and science.

His innovations have transformed many spaces, making them better sounding and more functional. The designs he pioneered are not only used in studios and performance venues but have also set standards that are followed worldwide in the field of sound diffusion.

The presentation of the Wallace Clement Sabine Medal at this year’s ASA Conference in Ottawa is a testament to his pioneering work and enduring impact on the field of architectural acoustics.

We invite you to learn more about Dr. D’Antonio’s work and join us in celebrating his remarkable achievements.

For more on Dr. D’Antonio’s contributions to acoustics you can check out the related press release.