Excellent Lighting and Acoustics With a Unique Design

Clearsorber Panel
The Clearsorber Panel offers a unique combination of flexible lighting applications combined with excellent acoustical control.

Architects have sought a solution to a unique issue for quite some time now: that is, controlling excessive, disruptive reverberation while still transmitting daylight or incorporating lighting effects. In some spaces, reducing the natural lighting is simply not an option. In response, RPG Acoustical has developed the Clearsorber Panel—a micro-slotted acoustical panel that is transparent, translucent or graphically printed. This provides consumers with a unique combination of control over their view and or lighting while also offering unparalleled reflection control. Providing architects and acoustical designers the tools they need to succeed in creating spaces that offer both excellent acoustics as well as lighting is just one aspect of RPG Acoustical’s thorough approach towards development of acoustical products.

Micro-Slotted Resin Panel

As an acoustical system, the Clearsorber Panel has been designed to absorb sound typically in mid-range frequencies, specifically in the speech frequencies. The micro-slotted resin panels are also capable of being configured to absorb lower frequencies or diffuse higher frequencies. What truly sets the Clearsorber Panel apart, however, is its high transparency which allows for clear viewing or natural day lighting, all while retaining a impressive  acoustical performance.

Complete Customization

The Clearsorber Panel is capable of second surface high definition digital printing, which offers high quality photo imagery adhered to the rear surface of the panel which shows through the thickness of the panel, providing depth. Translucent options offer privacy or the possibility for enhanced lighting configurations. Additionally, the Clearsorber Panels are offered in a number of finishes, including matte, high gloss, and textured surfaces. These range from being translucent to opaque depending on what the application is. There are a number of micro-slit patterns available as well as custom patterns that can be designed to cater to specific needs.

Sounding Great With RPG Acoustical Systems, LLC.

For whatever your acoustical design needs, RPG Acoustical Systems, LLC. is here to provide you with products that are customized to your needs, high-quality designs that are backed by science and extensive research, and excellent customer service to help ensure you get what you need. If you have questions, take a moment to check out our contact page or reach out to us via phone at (973) 916-1166.

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