Introducing Perfecto® Micro MOTIF: Where Design Meets Acoustic Excellence

Perfecto® Micro MOTIF Sound Absorption Panel by RPG Acoustic

RPG Acoustical Systems, LLC is thrilled to unveil the latest innovation in our lineup of absorptive acoustic solutions: the Perfecto® Micro MOTIF. This creative product combines superior acoustic performance with unparalleled design flexibility, allowing architects, and designers to unleash their creativity without compromise.


With Perfecto® Micro MOTIF, the possibilities are endless. Offering 12 standard design options and an unlimited array of custom patterns provided by the design team—including logos and thematic elements—this product can transform any space into a visually stunning and acoustically optimized environment. Each panel features 0.4mm laser micro-perforations on 2mm staggered centers, providing not only aesthetic appeal but also exceptional sound absorption capabilities, achieving an NRC up to 0.85.


Crafted from high recycled content, ULEF, Class A fire-rated, and FSC®-certified MDF core, Perfecto® Micro MOTIF panels have a Health Product Declaration (HPD) and a California Department of Public Health certification (CDPH) – they are as responsible as they are beautiful. With a limitless range of pattern possibilities and factory color matching to a wide range of light and dark color themes, Perfecto® Micro MOTIF provides the ultimate in design flexibility.


Discover the Perfecto® Micro MOTIF and let your spaces tell their stories. Visit our product page for more information.