Project Profile: A Modern Twist on Traditional Dining With Les Sablons – See, Taste and Hear the Difference

Les Sablons
Les Sablons offers a unique dining experience that offers thrilling auditory and visual experiences as well.

Located in the historic Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Les Sablons offers a dining experience crafted by some of the most experienced restaurateurs in the Boston metropolitan area. Describing itself as “somewhere between London and Paris,” the establishment offers modernized twists on French classics that have long been favorites of those who love fine dining. With a menu that includes everything from monkfish to rye spaghetti, Les Sablons is ideal for those already familiar with classic French cuisine but are seeking a unique experience. Les Sablons is amongst a growing new class of restaurants opening around the country who are leveraging currentacoustical technologies available to designers for controlling sound levels beautifully. So not only do they deliver excellent cuisine and service, but they do so in an environment that is much less noisy and distracting as most other restaurants. We say—people are noisy, let them be—there are solutions for that!

Backed By Experts

Les Sablons truly represents a synthesis of experts in their field coming together. Bostonians already familiar with Island Creek Oyster Bar or Row 34 can expect similar quality in service and food, as the restaurant was brought together by the same team of restaurateurs including executive chef Jeremy Sewall and hospitality expert Garrett Harker.

Architects Bentel & Bentel, responsible for designing some of the spaces most ubiquitous with fine dining, expertly designed Les Sablons’ upstairs dining room to seat 100—in spite of the only 17-foot wide space. While the first floor hosts a bustling bar complete with Jackson Cannon cocktails, upstairs diners need not worry about sound interrupting their experience. This is because the ceiling of the first floor is complete with RPG’s Perfecto Micro Planks in a stunning black walnut finish with a custom wrought iron surround. Without knowing better, you would never think acoustics would be in play looking up at the beautiful wood installation – the micro perforations that are present are not visible beyond a 4-5’ distance. However, their contribution to the atmosphere and dining experience is clearly evident, delivering comfortable sound levels for the guests and staff during peak times.

An Innovative Menu

Les Sablons gets its name from a Paris Métro station and the establishment’s respect for its culinary influences is evident in the food. Complete with an oyster bar menu, the menu caters to those with an appetite for French cuisine but also those who are entrenched in the Boston metropolitan area food scene. The veal boudin blanc, which comes complete with pommes anna, mushrooms, and hariscots verts, is a fine dining take on traditional boudin blanc which is made with sausage. This dish finds company in a menu packed with other exquisite options including rohan duck, brioche crusted cod, and beef tartare. For those looking for fantastic food accompanied by an amazing atmosphere, Les Sablons offers Cambridge something truly unique.

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