Research Report: Shape Optimization

Shape Optimizer
The Shape Optimizer is capable of creating modern, effective sound diffusing shapes.

If you take a look at renowned concert halls, many of them are known for their beautiful ornamentation and coffered ceilings. While these features may have originally been included as an elaborate design element, this intricate detailing provided acoustical benefits as well. These design details have fallen out of style in much of modern architecture, and as a result sound diffusive surfaces inherent to the construction of many rooms is no longer prevalent. This necessitates an appropriate way to create modern sound diffusing shapes, which resulted in the development of the Shape Optimizer software.

Why Shape Optimization?

Think of the Shape Optimizer software as a reverse engineering tool. Traditionally, acoustical products have been developed and then architects or acoustical engineers must figure out how to integrate those products in their design. In contrast, the Shape Optimizer is used to propose the idea of a shape and then mathematically determine what iteration of that shape would provide the optimal acoustical qualities. This allows for enhanced customization and gives architects far more options when designing a space.

How It Works

A few things are required to do this. First, an accurate prediction method is needed; in the case of the Shape Optimizer, it uses a very accurate Boundary Element Method. Second, a metric that evaluates performance is needed. The Shape Optimizer uses a standardized measurement called the diffusion metric that shows how sound is uniformly scattered. Lastly, an intelligent search engine is needed to produce the unique topology of the optimized surface.

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