How Can the Clearsorber Foil System Enhance Both Lighting and Sound?

Clearsorber Foil
No system accounts for both lighting and acoustical needs like the Clearsorber Foil does.

When we talk about expertly designed acoustical products, we tend not to consider the impact those products may have on the lighting of a space. After all, any design decision is a give-and-take, so sacrificing some elements of design, like an abundance of natural lighting, in order to achieve a rich acoustic environment. In a world of compromise, creating innovative new tools that serve a variety of purposes is highly valued over settling for traditional approaches. For architects, acoustical engineers, and end-users alike, the Clearsorber Foil system is designed to offer a unique solution to a problem that has plagued acoustical design for decades.

What Causes the Issue?

Many public gathering spaces, from transportation terminals, to glazed courtyards and shopping centers to art and exhibition centers, suffer from the issue of flat reflective surfaces causing reflections and unwanted reverberation. While there exists a great number of acoustical products designed to make these unwanted acoustical artifacts manageable, these traditional approaches all have one thing in common: opacity. As a result, a need for transparent acoustical products has developed, and the Clearsorber Foil system is intended to fulfill that need.

What is the Clearsorber Foil System?

The Clearsorber Foil system is a light transmitting, micro-perforated acoustical solution designed to offer absorption in the mid to high frequency bands. It offers the unique ability to offer high transparency so natural day lighting can shine through and keep a space feeling bright and lively while acting to control disruptive sound energy and reverberation time. The system can also be used to offer filtered light translucency, either for privacy purposes or to enhance certain lighting effects.

Additional Benefits

Installation is simple with the Clearsorber Foil system, as it is a lightweight system capable of basic attachment options for both window and suspended ceiling mounting. As a result of this design, it offers inherent damping that eliminates the need for fiberglass or something other material to be placed in the cavity between the panel system and the surface behind it.  The system is available in high gloss/high clarity polycarbonate film and when Class A fire rating is required, in high clarity ETFE options.

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