Project Profile: Exquisite Taste With Nobu

Studio PCH - Nobu DC
Featuring RPG’s Perfecto Micro Planks, Washington D.C.’s Nobu offers an exquisite dining atmosphere. Credit: Studio PCH.

Located in the heart of Washington D.C. and the West End, the area’s new Nobu restaurant aims to offer a completely unique experience for diners. The origins of Nobu go back to a passion for food between the acclaimed restaurant’s titular chef and actor Robert De Niro, now resulting in locations being opened worldwide, with over a dozen located in the United States. The upscale establishment is known for its Japanese fusion while setting a new standard for fine dining experiences, including its enjoyable acoustical design backed by excellent products from RPG Acoustical.

Complete Excellence in Design

The roughly 12,000 square foot restaurant is capable of seating up to 250 patrons who come for a culinary and atmospheric experience that is unparalleled. The traditional design is backed by wood accents and RPG’s Perfecto Micro Planks in a white oak finish. This makes for a luxurious visit to Nobu that even accounts for an acoustical experience just as delightful as the food. The large space is suitable for big groups of patrons and thanks to the attention to acoustical design, those patrons will also be able to enjoy pleasant conversation and musical ambiance.

Every Element of Design

To create something like Nobu, it’s important to bring together a talented design team. In this case, that includes Executive Architects CORE as well as design architects Studio PCH. Additionally, conventional soft lighting work was performed by Isometrix Lighting. RPG Acoustical is honored to have been included among these talents and to contribute the excellent acoustical products that are a necessary element in providing a complete experience for the patrons of Nobu.

Dining at Nobu

The guests at Nobu can expect to find a variety of cuisine options, including vegetarian dishes, sushi, and high-end Japanese dishes, sometimes with a Peruvian influence. We can also expect to see the Washington D.C. establishment vary its menu and introduce new items as time goes on to suit the every changing trends in fine dining. For anyone with a taste for upscale eating, Nobu is a serious contender that offers a unique atmospheric experience.

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