Conference Room Design With Acoustical Excellence in Mind

Conference Room
Nailing the acoustics in a conference room’s design can make a huge difference for employees and guests.

When designing a conference room, it may seem easy to skip out on the details—after all, the space only gets utilized during meetings and it isn’t your everyday working space. In the modern work environment employees spend more time than ever in conference spaces, exchanging ideas or working with clients. The design of a functional conference room requires detailed consideration of lighting, technology, and acoustical needs. Cultivating an ideal experience for guests and employees alike is a necessity when considering conference room design.

Perfecto Micro Plank

When it comes to absorptive materials, the Perfect Micro offers custom a custom acoustical milwork solution that meets the highest  criteria for both performance and aesthetics. The micro perforated surface offers unique acoustical benefit as it is capable of controlling the sound levels in the room while simultaneously offering  first reflection support, a benefit that increases as the conference room size grows. When designing your conference room, if excessive sound reflections and reverberation is a concern, the Perfecto Micro Plank system is an ideal solution for taking control of the acoustics of your space in an elegant way.

BAD Panel

The BAD Panel system is an ideal choice when budgets are small, offering big acoustical value in an economical solution. Designed to absorp low and mid frequency energy while maintaining higher frequencies, BAD Panels won’t make a space feel “dead” like other purely absorptive acoustical products often do. BAD Panels offer a comprehensive approach towards acoustical treatment that will leave your conference room optimized for presentations and speech clarity.

Clearsorber Panel

Conference room design is a matter of balancing a few key concerns, including lighting. Typical acoustical treatments are opaque.In a world of increasing transparency and with the rise of the fully  glass enclosed meeting room, a light transmitting acoustical solution is paramount. Whether it is for clarity to maintain line of site into or out of the room, or to simply support natural daylighting,  the Clearsorber Panel offers the very unique combination of features that allows for quality acoustical control.  Designing with reflective glass surfaces never sounded better!

Sounding Great With RPG Acoustical Systems, LLC.

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