Maximizing Low Frequency Control With Modex Products

Utilizing the Modex line means proper treatment of low frequency acoustics. Photo Credit: Pelonis Sound and Acoustics

Most small rooms will have undesirable low frequency characteristics. When working with smaller room dimensions, , bass frequencies in the 20 Hz to 300 Hz range can be very problematic even rendering the room unusable for critical applications in studio production work and simply underwhelming  in listening rooms, home theaters and screening rooms. THis necessitated the need for extra attention to be paid in treating the acoustics of the room to maintain clear, quality bass frequencies. For premium treatment of low frequency acoustics, many look to RPG Acoustical’s line of Modex products to even out the room’s resonant modes and provide full, even bass response.

Modex Corner

In a small space, realty comes at a premium, often limiting the kinds of acoustical products that can be utilized in the design of a recording studio or home theater. The Modex Corner was developed with this problem in mind, offering ideal absorption in the modal frequency range, tuned specifically to the room dimensions, all packed into a product sized to fit into the corners of smaller rooms.

Modex Edge

Designed with ease of use in mind, the Modex Edge is an ideal solution for existing critical listening spaces or entirely new environments that need to address low-end acoustical issues easily. As a modular, stand along and stackable product, it is designed to easily fit into corners and mid-wall locations. The Modex Edge provides substantial broad bandwidth absorption and is part of a new generation of acoustical products that are modular without sacrificing effectiveness.

Modex LF

In musical spaces and dedicated listening rooms, the mid and upper range of bass frequencies can often cause issues. When that’s the case, turn to the Modex LF—created with mid-range bass frequency absorption in mind. Targeting frequencies between 80 to 160 Hz, the Modex LF is an ideal solution for spaces where musical clarity is a necessity.

Modex Module

Modex Modules are low frequency membranes that are intended for use in small rooms, including studio control or music listening rooms. Modex Modules are available in a variety of tuning frequencies, including 40, 50, 63, 80, 100, and 125Hz. They also cover around 1/3 of an octave above or below the tuning frequency, making them flexible in use while still targeting a specific problem area.

Modex Plate

Modex Plates offer significant absorption between 30 and 300 Hz, all packed into a surface depth of only 6 inches. The Plates are capable of offering bass control over a range of several octaves, but do not contribute to mid or high frequency absorption. When paired with carefully selected high frequency absorptive and diffusive tools, the Modex Plate is an ideal product for recording studios, listening rooms, and home theaters.

Sounding Great With RPG Acoustical Systems, LLC.

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