Research Report: Multi-Layer Absorber Panels vs. Fiberglass Panels

Broadsorbor Modsorbor
Relying on traditional fiberglass panels doesn’t always result in the best sounding spaces. This idea is backed by rigorous research.

This week, we’re taking a look at a research report coming from the Chesapeake Acoustic Research Institute regarding multi-layer absorption products. Traditional fiberglass panels, made of 1” or 2” fiberglass wrapped in fabric, suffer from an undesirable amount of high-frequency absorption, leaving a room sounding “dead”. As a result, RPG Acoustical has developed two products with this in mind: the Broadsorbor and Modsorbor. Working with a multi-layer absorber offers the ability to specify the absorption coefficient for whatever specific need there may be. To read the full research report, take a look here.

Broadsorbor Panels

With frequency specific absorption in mind, RPG developed the 2-1/4” thick Broadsorbor – a panel to offer  broad bandwidth absorption in a shallow profile. The panel is made up of a multi-density layered acoustical core that has a hardened square or shaped edges which is then wrapped in acoustical fabric. This result is a product that is able to offer a consistent absorption coefficient, yielding performance bandwidth between 100Hz and 4000Hz. The panels are also capable of simple, reliable installation, making it easy to deal with unwanted noise control issues.

Modsorbor Panels

The Modsorbor Panel offers dedicated low frequency absorption, and as a multi-layered absorber, is designed for spaces that suffer from specific disruptive low-frequencies. These low frequencies can often have a detrimental effect on speech intelligibility and musical clarity, extremely important metrics in spaces dedicated to their performance.   Installing a typical fiberglass panel may disrupt desirable mid and high-frequencies, so RPG developed the Modsorbor Panel to target lower frequency energy without affecting the higher frequencies.

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