Introducing the Modex™ Plate from RPG Acoustical Systems, LLC

Modex plate low frequency sound absorption panels by RPG Acoustic

Introducing the Modex™ Plate from RPG Acoustical Systems, LLC


Product Overview:

The Modex™ Plate is a revolutionary product designed to enhance acoustic quality primarily in the bass frequencies, ensuring a balanced modal distribution without compromising the mid and high frequencies. Encased in a robust yet lightweight perforated aluminum cabinet, the dampened plate mechanism provides extensive bass control across several octaves, making it a versatile solution for a variety of settings. Building on nearly 20 years, the Modex™ Plate has now been updated and redesigned.


Standard Sizing:

– Standard Panel Dimensions: 32-1/2″ W x 48-1/2″ L x 4-1/4″ D

– Weight: Approximately 50 lbs (5.00 lbs/ft²)


Fire Rating:

The Modex™ Plate is constructed with all Class A components, ensuring safety and compliance with industry standards.



Available in a standard low-sheen black finish, the Modex™ Plate can also be customized to suit your aesthetic needs. Choose from RPG-reviewed industry standard and custom fabrics, particularly those with acoustical performance data.



Designed for flexibility, the Modex™ Plate can be installed either horizontally or vertically using the integrated Z-bracket for wall mounting. For ceiling applications, panels can be surface-mounted with additional blocking.


About RPG Acoustical Systems, LLC:

Since its inception in 1983, RPG has been at the forefront of acoustical design, combining precision manufacturing with scientific innovation to create products that deliver unparalleled sound absorption and diffusion. Our patented Reflective Phase Grating (RPG) diffusors and a comprehensive range of absorptive products have set new standards in the industry, earning the trust of professionals in entertainment, business, education, government, and worship.


Our extensive portfolio of prestigious projects across various sectors underscores the performance and reliability of RPG products, affirming our commitment to excellence and innovation in acoustical design.


Enhance your acoustic environment with the Modex™ Plate – a testament to RPG’s legacy of quality, precision, and acoustical mastery.