Case Study: Acoustical Treatment for Melon Hall Meeting Room at St. Johns College, Annapolis, MD

Case Study: Acoustical Treatment for Melon Hall Meeting Room at St. Johns College, Annapolis, MD
St. Johns College - Melon Hall


Project Title: St. Johns College – Melon Hall Acoustical Renovation 

Industry: Higher Education Client 


St. Johns College, founded in 1696 in Annapolis, MD, sought to renovate their Melon Hall Meeting Room. The college aimed to achieve optimal acoustical treatment for sound absorption while maintaining speech intelligibility within the space. The client expressed a specific need for a unique veneer to be used and matched across all panels in the area.


The renovation project for Melon Hall Meeting Room required acoustical treatment solutions that not only absorbed sound effectively but also preserved the clarity of speech within the room. The client insisted on using a specific veneer, with a requirement that the panels should match across the entire renovated area to maintain aesthetic consistency.


RPG provided a tailored solution involving partial perforation of alternate panels, specifically on the top half. This approach was designed to meet the acoustic and aesthetic requirements set by the client. The company delivered Custom Veneer that precisely matched the architect’s.

Products Uses:

Perfecto Micro Customized Perforated Wall Panels

– Custom Light Cutouts

Special Features: 

RPG showcased innovation by addressing the architect’s initial desire for an un-perforated border with an expensive hardwood edge. Through precise laser work on the designated panel areas, RPG maintained unbroken veneer sequencing. This technique resulted in a uniform appearance, with perforations subtly blending at a short distance, providing a sleek and coherent look. Additionally, integrated light pockets were custom-installed into the wall panels, offering a distinctive and functional aesthetic to the meeting room.

Client Testimonial: 

John M Davis, the Director of Campus Facilities at St. Johns College, expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the project, stating, “Our faculty and users of the new meeting space have been extremely happy with the look and functionality of the room.”

The renovated room has been in constant use since its official opening, underscoring its success and approval within the college community.

Project Overview: 

The installation process was executed flawlessly by the contracting firm JPK Associates, ensuring the project’s success from inception to completion.


The Melon Hall Meeting Room renovation at St. Johns College stands as a testament to RPG’s commitment to delivering bespoke acoustic solutions that meet clients’ specific needs and expectations. Through innovative techniques and high-quality products, RPG ensured acoustic excellence, aesthetic coherence, and client satisfaction in a pivotal space within a historic institution of higher learning.

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