Case Study: Acoustic Optimization for Polk Audio Listening Rooms at Sound United


Facility: Sound United – Polk Audio Listening Rooms Acoustic Enhancement

Client: Sound United

Industry: Commercial Recording & Acoustical Performance Testing Facility

Sound United, a prominent company in the field of acoustic research and development, approached RPG Acoustical Systems, LLC with a specific need for their Polk Audio Listening Rooms. The client aimed to achieve a balanced room acoustic environment that would facilitate critical listening sessions for speakers, both during the development phase and for demonstration purposes post-release, across multiple audio formats.


Sound United required a meticulously designed acoustic environment that would allow for precise and balanced sound during critical listening sessions. The goal was to create a space where the acoustic properties would be conducive to evaluating speakers under development and demonstrating finalized products, ensuring clarity and balance in sound reproduction.


To meet Sound United’s specific needs, RPG implemented a combination of their state-of-the-art products:

  • Modex Edge: Installed in all four corners of the room, these units provided broadband low-frequency absorption, effectively smoothing out the room’s modal response.
  • BAD Panels: Positioned along the walls, BAD Panels offered broadband-tuned absorption. This setup allowed for reflection control without excessive absorption of high frequencies, maintaining a crisp and clear sound profile.
  • Modffractals: These were used on the rear wall to offer broadband diffuse reflections, eliminating specular reflections and providing listeners with a sense of space and depth in the sound environment.
  • Skyline EPS: Installed in the ceiling in conjunction with BAD Panels, these units provided control of first reflection energy while offering important diffuse reflections.

Special Features: 

Upon entering the room, one could immediately perceive a balance in the acoustic environment, with a quiet ambiance that still allowed for clear and accurate voice reproduction anywhere in the room. The client noted the flexibility and enduring performance of RPG’s products, highlighting that older RPG products used in the space could be reused if the room configuration were to be changed in the future.

Client Testimonial: 

Scott Orth, the Director of Audio and Acoustics Systems at Sound United, expressed his satisfaction with the project’s outcome, stating, “We are very satisfied with the room’s performance and the knowledge that we can reuse the materials if and when we need to re-configure the room.”


The Polk Audio Listening Rooms project at Sound United showcases RPG’s commitment to delivering tailored acoustic solutions that meet and exceed client expectations. Through a combination of innovative products and collaborative engagement with the client, RPG ensured an acoustic environment that is not only balanced and conducive for critical listening but also flexible for future modifications and reconfigurations.

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