Introducing Omniffusor® W76: Elevating Sound Diffusion to New Heights

Omniffusor acoustical sound diffusion panels by RPG Acoustic


RPG is thrilled to unveil the Omniffusor W76, our latest innovation in the realm of 2-dimensional sound diffusers. This new product is not just an addition but an expansion to our esteemed product line, taking cues from the classic and much-loved Omniffusor W84.


A Deeper Look at Omniffusor W76:

The Omniffusor W76 is meticulously designed with a deeper construction, setting it apart from its predecessors. Created to bridge the gap between our 4” (W84) and 8” (W58) deep Omniffusors. This unique design feature allows it to extend diffusion bandwidth into the mid and lower mid-range frequencies, providing a richer and more balanced sound experience for users.


Crafted with natural wood, the Omniffusor W76 not only offers superior sound diffusion but also minimizes sound energy absorption, thanks to its optional high recycled content, ULEF, Class A fire-rated, and FSC MDF core. This ensures that the product is not only efficient but also environmentally responsible and safe to use in various settings.


Sizing and Finish Options:

Size: The standard unit of Omniffusor® W76 measures 23-5/8″ W x 23-5/8″ L x 6″ T, with each panel weighing approximately 5.00 lbs/sf.

Finish: Clients can choose from a range of finishes to suit their aesthetic preferences and needs. The Omniffusor W76 is available in natural and engineered wood veneers, as well as laminates. Additionally, we offer clear lacquer or factory color-matching options for both wood finishes and paint colors, providing a customizable experience for our clients.



The Omniffusor W76 is a testament to RPG’s commitment to providing innovative and quality acoustical solutions for various spaces. Whether you are looking to enhance the acoustics of office, auditorium or other public space, the Omniffusor W76 offers a superior and customizable solution for sound diffusion. Explore the Omniffusor W76 and experience sound like never before! For more information, feel free to contact us.