Case Study: Princeton University’s McCosh Hall

Summary of the ProjectMcCosh Hall Princeton

RPG was tasked with supplying custom engineered acoustical panels to replace the ceiling in a large lecture hall known as McCosh 50, located in Princeton University’s McCosh Hall, a well-known campus structure built in 1907.


The installed panels were to replicate the look of the 100+ year existing wood plank ceiling while tackling major acoustical performance issues with the room, as analyzed and prescribed by the acoustical consultant. The high ceilings in the McCosh 50 had not been renovated in over a century and this was all to be completed under serious time constraints.


In order to replicate the historic ceiling, RPG’s solution naturally began with the selection and layout design of the veneer.  Strips of flat-cut Red Oak veneer were arranged in sheets to mimic the appearance of planks.  Once micro-perforated and applied to RPG’s proprietary acoustical core creating panels, the panel faces were CNC processed with v-grooves between each “plank” to create the same natural reveals of the original ceiling.  The panels were then brought together with framing, hardware and acoustical backing to create composite assemblies.


The composite assemblies were key in facilitating the installation work which was done on a very high ceiling with serious time constraints.  The fact that all components necessary for a successful acoustical ceiling were integrated into a single assembly optimized the time requirement in the field.


Finally, the composite panel assemblies were finished by our custom finishing team to replicate the look of the 100+ year existing wood.


Product Specs:

Micro-Perforated Wood Furnished PanelsRPG-Case-Study-Final_website

Design Team Info:

Contractor: P Agnes

1100 Architects (NYC firm)

Acoustical consultant: Jaffe Holden

Under guidance of Princeton Facilities Dept.


Princeton University’s McCosh Hall

Built: 1907

Last Significant Renovation: 100+ Yrs

Seating: 445 including balcony

McCosh 50 Noteworthy Speakers:
Steve Martin, Cesar Pelli, Elie Wiesel,
Meryl Streep, & Albert Einstein in 1921.

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