Project Profile: Drexel University Music Studio

Drexel University
Drexel University’s music studio takes advantage of a number of RPG’s acoustical treatments. Photo Credit: Walter-Storyk Design Group.

As one of America’s largest institutes of higher education, Drexel University offers a wide variety of disciplines to suit the interests of any academic. First launched in 2004, the Music Industry program has grown in popularity and excellence, creating the need to expand its facilities. To accommodate the needs of the rapidly growing Recording Arts & Music and Music Business programs, the university took action to scale its facilities with its population. RPG is proud to have contributed a number of its products to the project.

The Facility

Conceived by the Walter-Storyk Design Group, the space was built to suit the immediate needs of the university while keeping the potential for future expansion in mind. This includes a 1,300 sq. ft. flagship studio, a 140 sq. ft. post-production control room, and two MIDI labs. It also includes a student lounge and an 800 sq. ft. master tape archive suite to house their robust collection of more than 6,000 master tapes. Each of these spaces takes advantage of the latest in audio and video technologies, acoustic treatments, and more to create an ideal audio production learning environment.

RPG Products Implemented

Drexel University’s music studio takes advantage of three RPG technologies: the Dado 14/2 panel, the Flutterfree, and Modex Plates. The Dado 14/2, this case in white maple, is an absorptive panel designed with aesthetics in mind. They are used to control unwanted noise and reflections without deadening the sound of the space—and when combined with the Flutterfree, a diffusive plank also in white maple, the space is ideal for audio work. Lastly, the Modex Plate is a dedicated low frequency sound absorber perfect for studio control rooms that can suffer from the limitations of a smaller space.

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