Pyramid, Golden

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The Golden Pyramid is a timeless shape in architectural acoustics, designed to redirect portions of the incident sound energy into different directions and so providing a more uniform sound field. In a drop ceiling application, the Golden Pyramid’s hard, GRG construction reduces the amount of sound energy removed by absorption.


The Golden Pyramid is readily available in a standard white, textured finish. Units can be color matched to any paint color specification. See some of the options displayed under the Finishes tab below.


The Golden Pyramid is designed to drop into a standard T-Bar grid. It can also be flush mounted to a wall or ceiling with the appropriate blocking. See details below under the Drawings tab.

Golden Pyramid is a Trademark of RPG Acoustical Systems LLC

Golden Pyramid


Golden Pyramid Thumbnail 284x300Pyramidal shaped ceiling units redirect portions of the incident sound energy into different directions. While redirection is not true diffusion, the pyramidal shape offers a moderate amount of acoustic control, preventing excessive harshness and flutter and providing more uniform sound distribution. RPG Golden Pyramid has an offset center based on the geometric Golden Rule. This offset center provides both visual interest and better acoustic performance. Constructed of heavy, fiber reinforced gypsum, the RPG Golden Pyramid offers superior acoustic performance over the lightweight gel-coat replicas provided by other manufacturers. An added benefit is the Class-A fire rating.






Sound absorptive acoustic ceiling tile (ACT) is commonly overused in rooms where people need to understand speech or listen to music. A low-cost but effective ceiling treatment that prevents acoustics problems while simultaneously distributing sound to the far reaches of the room is needed.


To address this problem, RPG developed the Golden Pyramid, made of fiber reinforced gypsum. The Golden Pyramid fits easily into a standard, metal, T-bar, ceiling grid and is Class-A fire rated. Acoustically, the Golden Pyramid redistributes sound across the room, aiding uniform listening and preventing acoustic problems such as flutter with the floor below.


  • Golden rule geometric sound redirection.
  • Solid fiber reinforced gypsum construction.
  • Custom paint colors.
  • Can be oriented uniformly or randomly.
  • Easy and fast to install.