Case Study: Spotify’s Mateo Studio

photos by: Walters-Storyk Design Group (WSDG)


Spotify’s Mateo Studio, a sprawling 150,000 sq ft campus located in the heart of LA’s historic Arts District, serves as the flagship destination for Spotify’s rapidly growing content creation division. As an immersive, all-in-one experience, Spotify at Mateo is designed to house every aspect of music and podcast production, post-production, and performance under one roof, making it the foremost facility of its kind in the world.


The scale and ambition of Spotify at Mateo required a wide variety of recording and production spaces to cater to both visiting artists and Spotify’s in-house team of creators and producers. The lead on the project, WSDG, a premier architectural acoustic consulting firm, needed a to a blend of analog and digital music and podcast production capabilities, necessitating superior acoustical performance in each of these diverse spaces.


RPG was brought in to contribute state-of-the-art acoustics for this project. RPG supplied a range of products including Modsorbors, Dado 14/2, Diffractal, Flutterfree-T, Modex Plate, Modffractal, and Modviewsor. Each of these products was chosen for its unique acoustical properties, designed to enhance sound quality and clarity in the recording environment.


With the implementation of RPG’s product, Spotify’s Mateo Studio witnessed a substantial enhancement in sound quality. The studio’s acoustics were transformed, making it an ideal space for high-quality commercial recording. This innovative project was recognized with the prestigious TEC Award, a testament to the exceptional acoustical performance achieved through the integration of RPG’s systems. This was awarded to the WSDG Global Team.


RPG’s contribution to this project underscores their commitment to providing superior acoustical solutions that meet and exceed client expectations. Their products have played a pivotal role in establishing Spotify at Mateo as a world-class destination for music and podcast production.