RPG Acoustical Systems Expands Manufacturing Reach Starting Fall 2023

The select list below of RPG’s premium wood and fabric products can now be manufactured and delivered within the EU, offering market pricing and local transit of our authentic product designs backed by our quality and performance guarantee.


All requests for information, design assistance, pricing, and orders will be handled through RPG-USA and coordinated with our EU production.

Products FOR European manufacturing will include:


1D Veneered Wood Diffusers:

Modffractal™, Diffractal®, Modffusor™, QRD® 734, QRD® 734F, Optistep™ W.

2D Veneered Wood Diffusers:

Omniffusor® W113, Omniffusor® W84, Omniffusor® W76, Omniffusor® W58,

Skyline® W764 and W9612

1D Solid Wood Plank Diffusers:

Flutterfree®, Flutterfree® T, and Flutterfree® W.

Hybrid Wood Panels:

Expo™ [Standard, 45, Cells, Code, and Galaxy]

Performance Fabric Panels:

BAD™, Modsorbor™ and Broadsorbor™ Panels


Additional products required for any specific projects can be fulfilled within our US manufacturing facility in coordination with our European partner.


This expansion is a testament to RPG Acoustical Systems’ commitment to providing high-quality, innovative acoustical solutions to our clients worldwide. We are excited about this new chapter and look forward to serving our European clients more efficiently and conveniently.

For more information, please visit www.RPGacoustic.com.



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We are NOT associated with RPG Europe (www.rpgeurope.com) . They are not an authorized manufacturer or distributor for any RPG Acoustical Systems, LLC products.

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