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Introducing RPG’s New Online Data Sheet Library

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At RPG Acoustical, we not only believe in the value of engineering premium products, but in creating the resources that allow for the highest degree of access and understanding. This includes what kind of products we have available, what their typical applications are, what their specifications are, and what kind of customization options may be available. Understanding the potential applications for each product as well as the research driven performance behind that application is something we’ve built our reputation on. That’s why we have compiled a data sheet library containing detailed information on every one of our products. Take a look and find out what makes RPG different and why we have so much confidence in our work.

In addition to our data sheet library, be sure to check out our digital brochure, which offers more generalized information as well as information on product lines rather than breakdowns of specific product specs.

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For whatever your acoustical design needs, RPG Acoustical Systems, LLC. is here to provide you with products that are customized to your needs, high-quality designs that are backed by science and extensive research, and excellent customer service to help ensure you get what you need. If you have questions, take a moment to check out our contact page or reach out to us via phone at (973) 916-1166.

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Looking at the Work of Acousthetics

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Pictured: Cristina Miyar, Principal at Acousthetics.

Today we’d like to highlight the work of our West Coast sales 

representative Acousthetics and introduce a few of the key people in the firm. Acousthetics works with everyone from acousticians and architects to building owners and their representatives to ensure the smooth delivery RPG products for projects of any size. Specifically, we want to place some focus on two of their team members: Cristina Miyar and Tyler Adams.


Maximizing Low Frequency Control With Modex Products

Naughty Dog WFBG 300x200

Utilizing the Modex line means proper treatment of low frequency acoustics. Photo Credit: Pelonis Sound and Acoustics

Most small rooms will have undesirable low frequency characteristics. When working with smaller room dimensions, , bass frequencies in the 20 Hz to 300 Hz range can be very problematic even rendering the room unusable for critical applications in studio production work and simply underwhelming  in listening rooms, home theaters and screening rooms. THis necessitated the need for extra attention to be paid in treating the acoustics of the room to maintain clear, quality bass frequencies. For premium treatment of low frequency acoustics, many look to RPG Acoustical’s line of Modex products to even out the room’s resonant modes and provide full, even bass response.


Project Profile: Exquisite Taste With Nobu

Studio PCH Nobu DC 300x181

Featuring RPG’s Perfecto Micro Planks, Washington D.C.’s Nobu offers an exquisite dining atmosphere. Credit: Studio PCH.

Located in the heart of Washington D.C. and the West End, the area’s new Nobu restaurant aims to offer a completely unique experience for diners. The origins of Nobu go back to a passion for food between the acclaimed restaurant’s titular chef and actor Robert De Niro, now resulting in locations being opened worldwide, with over a dozen located in the United States. The upscale establishment is known for its Japanese fusion while setting a new standard for fine dining experiences, including its enjoyable acoustical design backed by excellent products from RPG Acoustical.


How Can the Clearsorber Foil System Enhance Both Lighting and Sound?

CLRF MAIN 300x220

No system accounts for both lighting and acoustical needs like the Clearsorber Foil does.

When we talk about expertly designed acoustical products, we tend not to consider the impact those products may have on the lighting of a space. After all, any design decision is a give-and-take, so sacrificing some elements of design, like an abundance of natural lighting, in order to achieve a rich acoustic environment. In a world of compromise, creating innovative new tools that serve a variety of purposes is highly valued over settling for traditional approaches. For architects, acoustical engineers, and end-users alike, the Clearsorber Foil system is designed to offer a unique solution to a problem that has plagued acoustical design for decades.


Project Profile: An Authentic Experience at the Portland Japanese Garden

Portland Japanese Gardens LC2 300x225

RPG’s products don’t just fit in with the aesthetics of the Portland Japanese Garden, they also offer functionality that helps the auditory experience just as serene as everything else.

Nestled in the urban hustle and bustle of Portland, Oregon, there sits an unexpected oasis: a Japanese garden, described by His Excellency Nubuo Matsunaga, the former Ambassador of Japan to the United States, as “the most beautiful and authentic Japanese garden in the world outside of Japan.” While the garden has been open since 1967, it wasn’t until recently that it underwent a huge expansion, adding a Village House, Garden House, and Tea House that all contain galleries, a library, a gift store, and a multipurpose room. Clad in RPG Perfecto Micro acoustical ceilings in horizontal sliced bamboo veneer, the Portland Japanese Garden has become an escape for residents and travelers alike to enjoy art, music and learning opportunities.


Research Report: Testing Fabric

Rolls of fabric for Web edit2 300x214

Take a look at some of the research that fuels the development of RPG Acoustical’s products.

This week, we want to highlight some research being done by our team regarding the use of fabric as a covering for absorptive  panels. Using the normal incidence coefficient, the research has determined two key directives: if absorption performance of the substrate is desired, then a highly transparent fabric is necessary. In contrast, if you are looking for an absorption performance that differs from a substrate, one option may be to use a backed or less than fully transparent fabric. Download the full test report.


Project Profile: Superb Acoustics at Rainey-McCullers School of the Arts

Acoustics 300x200

RPG Acoustical Systems LLC. is happy to have contributed to the fantastic acoustics at the Rainey-McCullers School of the Arts.

The new Rainey-McCullers School of the Arts, located in Columbus, Georgia, now has a state of the art performing arts facility. Designed by Hecht Burdeshaw Architects, Inc. and acoustically engineered by Siebein Associates, Inc., the main auditorium is wrapped and capped in a premium grade,  engineered acoustical wood system manufactured by RPG Acoustical Systems. The facility, which places an emphasis on the specialized learning of performers and artists, has a capacity for around 500 middle and high school students who will be pursuing the arts this school year.


Considering Acoustical Design in Recording Studio Spaces

Berklee College Music Studio 1 2 300x200

For recording studios that are invested in creating impeccable sound experiences, acoustical design is absolutely paramount.
Project: Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA
Acoustical Design: Walters-Storyk Design Group
Products shown: Flutterfree-T, Modffusors, Modviewsors, Modex Plate, BAD Panel

For designers working in the content creation space of the entertainment industry, creating quality recording, broadcasting, or editing studios means integrating three basic design concepts: visual, functional and acoustical. Acoustical design and treatment of creative technical spaces is done with two ideals in mind—preventing unwanted sound from entering and escaping the space and shaping the sound within the room in both accurate and desirable ways that make for the optimal recording experience. Creating an impeccable sound experience in a recording studio isn’t easy—there is a science in getting each element just right.